Custom Woodworking

We make a lot of cool stuff. Our custom woodworking clients aren’t looking for items they could find in a box store. They come to us for things they can’t get anywhere else: for custom furniture, architectural products, and restorations that are one of a kind and particular to their vision, their place, and their taste. We help them finalize a tailor-made design, and then we get to work making it happen. With our CNC turners, routers, 3-D printers and milling machines, we achieve exact machining and repeatability. 

Because we make it, you can have whatever you want.

We invite you to browse our portfolio of past projects and see for yourself the kinds of items we’ve worked on in the past.

Bring us a photo, sketch, or sample of your inspiration, and let’s talk.

Our custom architectural woodworking and historical restoration services include:

  • doors (entry, passage, screen)
  • windows (TDL thermal, traditional sash)
  • stairs
  • railing components (newels, easements, turnings)
  • timber frame components
  • beam-and-post cladding
  • and more

Nothing is more important to us than exacting craftsmanship and indisputable results, so the way we look at it, we are staking our name and reputation on each and every project.

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